What is Media Assembly Kit?

Media Assembly Kit is a service that provides a platform for hassle-free web media operation.

The Content Management side is by WordPress, providing strong hosting in traffic because it’s powered by Amimoto AMI – where we provide dedicated technical support, so you do not have to think of system management and server environment. This comfortable Media Assembly Kit lets you carry on with your daily tasks and operation so you need not worry about anything else.

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Four Features

Provision of Content Management function by WordPress
The platform for content management is by WordPress. Related articles, ranking function (such as advertising Management), are the offered default functions required for web media management.

Amimoto AMI Hosting environment
Amimoto AMI provides optimization / server tuning environment to WordPress, which has been adopted by a number of web media of all sizes. Built for speed, Amimoto AMI lets you quickly load web media, and respond flexibly to sudden changes in web traffic.

Technical Support
As part of the service, we provide our ​​clients with system management and consultation related to WordPress and Amimoto AMI. We’ll perform the admin tasks for you, so you can focus more on what matters most like your business.

The data is delivered by JSON content because of WordPress JSON REST API utilization.
With JSON, you can deploy contents to the native apps and other platforms flexibly.

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Four various plans crafted to suit your needs: Bronze Plan, Silver Plan, Gold Plan, and Platinum Plan.

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